As one of the most advanced‚ effective methods of purifying industrial lubricants‚ hydraulic oils and similar fluids‚ ThermoJet® Oil Purifiers are a key element in our quest to keep your facility up and running.

ThermoJet® is a proprietary‚ patented technology that uses the principle of air/gas stripping to remove contaminants such as dissolved gases‚ light hydrocarbons and particulates from facility lubricants. It returns oil to like-new condition with zero impact on additives or properties.  It is effective on a wide range of oils and viscosities from ISO 32 – 220.

H Series

The H Series utilizes air to dehydrate lube oils and operates effectively on all three phases of water: free‚ emulsified and dissolved. Lubricant with a water content of 1‚000 ppm can be improved to less than 100 ppm within 8-10 passes of oil through the unit.

The H Series is available in two capacities:

  • Model 2000 has a flow rate of 180 gallons per hour‚ and removes one gallon of water per hour from contaminated lube oil (20 gallons per day)‚ depending on how “wet” the oil is.
  • Model 4000 has a flow rate of 550 gallons per hour and removes three gallons of water per hour.

The G Series provides degassing services for seal oils. It utilizes nitrogen to effectively remove dissolved light hydrocarbon gases such as propane and hydrogen‚ restoring the oil’s flash point to like-new levels.

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