The Mistlock™ Bearing Lubrication System is a breakthrough in oil mist lubrication for Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers‚ (ACHEs).

MistLock™ provides all the benefits of oil mist to ACHEs and eliminates 100 percent of stray mist that could potentially foul heat transfer characteristics. Before MistLock™‚ the only alternative was grease. But high temperature operation of fans supported by these bearings led to lubricant breakdown‚ and bearing failure was a common result. Maintenance was often delayed or ignored‚ as these devices were typically located in hard-to-reach locations.

The MistLock™ Bearing cartridge eliminates these problems. It offers a single‚ automated bearing lubrication method – a clean‚ cool and continuous oil mist that provides even coating for all bearing surfaces. This completely-sealed‚ closed-loop environment accommodates up to 20 degrees of axial and parallel shaft misalignment. That means no need for shims.

The patent-pending design of the MistLock™ Bearing Lubrication system also provides a safeguard against failure due to extreme forces exerted on bearings from the shaft’s axial thermal expansion. The bearing housing provides positive pressure for the oil mist‚ external contaminants cannot enter – and that guards against bearing failure.

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