Fueling Services

Fueling Services


RediFuel KeepFull

Primarily applied to fixed-based emergency generators, RediFuel’s KeepFull service places you as a 1st Priority customer. We regularly visit your generator the 2nd month of each calendar quarter to top off the fuel level and visually inspect for any irregularities, ensuring a full tank of fresh fuel ready for any unplanned event.

The KeepFull program enables RediFuel personnel to become intimately familiar with each site as well as customer procedures, protocols, and any special requirements in order to respond as efficiently as possible during an event.

A substantial portion of our stored fuel is allocated to the KeepFull customer base in case of any event. As soon as your generator is activated, when notified, we will dispatch a fueler to monitor and maintain proper fuel levels. There will be no service fee for this or subsequent deliveries until normal operations are restored. You only pay for the fuel dispensed, not the time involved regardless of the duration of the event.


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